Downtown Betty Originals
For people on the go...Since 2005 

The roots of Downtown Betty began on the beaches of Vancouver. A lifestyle that included a beach cruiser bicycle to get to the beach & a desire to bring a skimboard along to play in the low & high tides of Vancouver's shorelines.  Downtown Betty designed & created a Skimboard Bag with a backpack function that fit perfectly with the bicycle.  Her first day on the beach with the, skimboard & skateboard mogul Rob Sluggo of RDS spotted the bag & bought one on the spot.  Soon after she realized that she wanted a wider variety of fabric for the bags, so Downtown Betty began designing & silk screening her very own prints for the fabric she needed.

Downtown Betty creates unique time pieces reflecting current infatuations long term love affairs without saturating the markets, streets or beaches with the print over over again. Downtown Betty prefers to be known for her fabric creations & selections; for the subtleties of the masculine in the feminine, the feminine in the masculine, over name brand recognition. It is the goal of Downtown Betty to make products that last a lifetime in the heart of the own, not as overflow to the landfill...

The list of Downtown Betty Originals products has grown over the years to include:

Beach Wallets
Skimboard Bag
Guitar Packs
Diaper Bags 
Yoga Bags 
Bicycle by Downtown Betty Poncho Hoodies 
Buddha to the Bone Home Sweatshirt Pillows

Downtown Betty
For people on the go...TREAD LIGHTLY.