Myrah & It's Time to Bloom in Our Dhoti Onesie

Myrah Penaloza is a fashion muse to us & an inspiration to all who have the fortune to meet her.  Myrah is love & light ~ a one-of-a-kind soul who is involved in all aspects of her expansive community ~ through her kundalini yoga, music, fashion and art.  Not to mention It's Time to Bloom which she & her husband, Robindra co-create together <3

Dhoti Onesie in Kudalini White on Myra Penaloza

Myrah walks to the beat of her own drum when it comes to style; picking pieces that stand out in a way that makes you wonder why you hadn't thought of putting them together that way before.  Myrah's style is feminine, sensual, full of movement & playful - the way she wears her pieces makes it evident that she is comfortable in who she is as a person, while celebrating her beauty as a woman. 

Myrah in Squat Pose wearing Dhoti Onesie

 Myrah in Cow Pose Dhoti Onesie

...a one-piece jumpsuit, with a baggy tank top merged together with our favourite roomy drop-crotch Dhoti Pant bottom ~ the perfect companion for easy-going days.

Myrah Kundalini Yoga White Meditate Kundalini Dhoti Onesie

This fashion forward piece is remarkably easy to work into your wardrobe.  With it's stretch and cool fabrication it will get you through those lazy summer days with the ease and style every traveler is looking for.

Myrah & Robindram of It's time to Bloom

We were very honoured when Myrah & Robindra thought of Downtown Betty to help them out with their "It's Time to Bloom" tank tops for their Yoga Conferences & music tours, to spread love around the world.  The collaboration was born at our Balsam Beach Studio in Vancouver when they popped by during their MC Yogi Tour.  Myrah & Robindra never doing anything half-way, wanted to make sure the shirts were special & unique - made by really cool people, for really cool people.

It's better Together Tank ~ It's time to bloom

It's Better Together Tank  ~ It truly is better together. made in collaboration with Downtown Betty for It's Time to Bloom. Hand-cut cotton / lycra tank, made in Vancouver, with love.

fall in love with as many things as possible

Meditation, yoga & dance transformation in today's rapid fire world is a growing desire. . . for us at Downtown Betty, Myrah & Robindra are touchstone gems for peace, LOVE, fun, art, music & harmony ;)

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