Who can wear Bicycle by Downtown Betty?

Everyone!  We are a beach lifestyle clothing line with the perfect pieces to take you from the studio to dinner and the after party ~ great travel companions. When you want to be cozy~comfy~sexy these will be the pieces that you will reach for.

It is not yoga clothing specifically, but it is amazing clothing for yogis.  For the yoga studio, and afterwards ~ it is a casual glamour, that feels as good as naked. 

It can be worn dressed up for business meetings, but it is so comfy you might be tempted to wear it to bed...and then get up the next day, and wear it again ;)

What kind of fabrics does Downtown Betty use?

We choose natural fibers for the Bicycle by Downtown Betty line.  Fabrics are either Organic Cotton / Lycra, Cotton / Lycra, or Bamboo / Cotton / Lycra.

No matter what the specific blend is, it’s comfy, cozy, sexy.  Soft, flexible, breathable clothing for yogis, both men & women. Always a fresh, modern, earthy colour pallet.

What is the best way to care for Downtown Betty clothing?

Machine wash with non-toxic detergent & hang to dry.  It’s okay to occasionally throw your clothes in the dryer, but they will look better & last longer the more you keep them out of the dryer.

Tip: if you ever get an oil stain on your clothes, just dab a bit of dish soap before the next wash & it should take it out, no problem ;)

How is Downtown Betty "Green"?

All products are designed, hand cut to order & made locally here in Vancouver, by people who live here in Vancouver.

Our clothes are in peoples closets, or on their backs, not in a huge warehouse.

We believe that clothing that is meant to fit well & last years in a person’s wardrobe, alongside their other favourite pieces.  A few quality pieces that you love to wear, rather than more that you don’t, are better ~ for you & for the planet.

Downtown Betty uses fabrics that are natural to start.  The majority of the blends will one day decompose, rather than take up room in our landfills.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.