Bicycle by Downtown Betty Turns 5!

It seems both like yesterday & so far away, that this Bicycle path begun en route to India to do my yoga teacher training.  That was the foundation of the fabric choice, natural fibers that could sweat, breathe & dry in the intense 45 degree heat of the dry season just before monsoon.  Off to India I went pantless, except for one pair of fisherman's pants I got from Wreck Beach, a yoga bag I'd made out of my Skimboard Bag fabric & 7 Perfect T-Shirt Dresses of varying lengths that I made for myself from an array of modern earth tone cotton / lycra fabric.  Some I cut the bottoms from to make headbands & bandeaus for suntanning in Goa.  I even used one of the local clothing makers foot pedal sewing machines.  And that was where I found my first pair of Dhoti Pants!  I wouldn't realize until I was in Bali, but I had begun Bicycle by Downtown Betty!
And here we are 5 years later, still rocking Downtown Betty, in our 4th studio called the Balsam Beach Studio, in Kitsilano, overlooking 3 of the city's beautiful beaches, Stanley Park & a Vancouver cityscape.  We are open to wholesalers & the public, 5 days of the week, have grown from a solo mission, to 8 people working to keep Bicycle by Downtown Betty rolling.  And rolling we are, we have boutiques & yoga studios that carry us all across Canada & have started the same in the United States & Australia.  For a little Bicycle from Vancouver, we've sure com a long way ;)

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