Downtown Betty & The Talented Yogini ~ Elle Clio

elle clio kinpigeon goddess variation ~ fringed bandeau & smokin hot shortsQ. When did you first start practicing yoga?
A. I started practicing at home in January 2013 through Instagram challenges.  In February I took my first class & went home & converted half my small apartment into a yoga space – it was love at first OM!

elle clio back bend driftwood ~ smokin hot shorts, fringed bandeauQ. What were you doing prior to practicing yoga for a physical fitness & connection?
A. When I was 12 I started belly dance which sparked my love for movement. I went through spurts of going to the gym, but was far from fit and my main outlet was always dance.  

How do you shoot your stunning lifestyle yoga photography?
 A. I have a flexible little tripod that can easily balance on uneven ground or wrap around trees, and have gotten pretty good at the whole self-timer thing.  In the future I would love to take a few photography courses, but for now it’s a lot of trial and error with lighting & angles. 

elle clio meditate ~ smokin hot shorts fringed bandeauQ .
Do you have a muse?
 A. I have so many! I draw inspiration from so   many incredible women in all aspects of my life that I wouldn’t know where to begin. 

Do you have a spirit animal or guide, or anything of the sort? If so, what is it?
 A. Dragonflies! I absolutely love them and they have shown up consistently throughout my life in moments of fear or doubt, from car accidents to break-ups, which I take as a sign that everything is going to be okay.

What’s your favourite Quote or Motto?
A. "Do all things with love"
Elle Clio favourites ~ smokin hot shorts & fringed bandeau, sweet tank, dhoti pants
What is / are your favourite Bicycle by Downtown Betty piece(s) & why?
A. I love the fringed bandeau because it’s fun, playful, and it stays in place! My absolute favourite is the Dhoti Pants. I like wearing comfortable functional clothing that can keep up with me, and I was getting really tired of wearing yoga leggings every day, so the Dhoti Pants have filled the big gap in my wardrobe becoming my go-to everyday pants.

Elle Clio balance ~ smokin hot shorts & fringed bandeauQ. What do you love most about Downtown Betty?
A. I do my best to support businesses (whether food or clothing) that are local & environmentally friendly. Discovering Downtown Betty was like hitting the jackpot, the fabrics are amazing & are cut right there in the studio into incredibly functional pieces.

We love your tattoo’s ~ What’s your favourite? 
A. Every time I get a new one it’s my new favourite! The mandala on my forearms is my favourite piece aesthetically, but I have a lot of little ones that I love for different reasons – like my Wu-Tang and Leonard Cohen tribute tattoos.  It’s like collecting little souvenirs from different phases of my life, and acknowledging that those phases have shaped who I am today.  

Fringed Bandeau in Thundercloud with Smokin' Hot Shorts in Thundercloud, Fringed Bandeau in Peaches & Cream with Olive Smokin' Hot Shorts, and Peaches & Cream Sweet Tank with Thundercloud Dhoti Pant
Thanks to beautiful, talented & stunning Ms Elle Clio. Follow her on Instagram @elleclio ;) 

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