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Ok, so we always say Bicycle by Downtown Betty is Casual Glamour, but so often we show more about life on the mat, vs off the mat, because simply put ~ I LOVE YOGA & all of it's benefits from health to body, to spirits.  So now, here's a look at how Downtown Betty actually translates to the streets, sidewalks & business meetings at the office, ie Life's Runway; all the while feeling so confident & comfortable you could bust into Warrior ll or a Dancer's Pose on the spot. 

Downtown Betty Long Dhoti Pant, Longsleeve T-Shirt Dress, Festival Fring
We follow Ms Terri Anne Welyki, who works in a business suit / white collar environment, in a power position, as we explore a twist on traditional business attire.  She holds the upper hand in most circumstances, because she is feeling cozy, comfy, wholesomely sexy, in a gentle, modest, feminine way. 

Downtown Betty Long Dhoti Pant, Longsleeve T-Shirt Dress, Festival Fringe Side
Long Dhoti Pants

...are a chic stylish drop crotch pant not unlike Helmut Lang, Issey Miyake, or Comme des Garçons, that happen to rock with a pair of heels, or for both men & women, biker boots, or Converse All Stars (and of course yogi barefoot toes)

Longsleeve T-Shirt Dress an absolute staple piece, that can be worn on it's own, or as seen here with pants (or with jeans, Dhoti Pants, leggings, or skirts) {also available in a short sleeve version T-Shirt Dress}

With neutral colours, quality fabrics & simple designs, everything mix & matches; creating a simple, chic minimalist style aka Casual Glamour ;)


Downtown Betty Riding Pants & Perfect T 

Perfect T

…this small but curvy cap sleeve t-shirt is as perfect as you are & great for underneath a business suit or yoga lounge.

...a long legged legging with a two-toned patched knee look inspired by motorcycle fashion, gives these pants a city slick variation & the illusion of tall on everyone.

Using modest feminine styles, rather than short mini skirts and cleavage revealing tops, leaves people looking you in the eye & admiring your classic beauty.
Downtown Betty Longsleeve Stable Dress + Festival Fringe
Longsleeve Stable Dress
...a sleek ultra long sleeved & to the knee dress is the perfect balance of neither figure hugging or baggy, and beyond comfortable fit.
...a hand cut fringe scarf /shawl that has become a go-to accessory, adds the perfect bit of texture, warmth & coverage  to break up the silhouette.

Click here to SHOP THESE LOOKS | Bicycle by Downtown Betty's minimalist "Less is More" approach to dressing & style really goes a long way.  From home, to office, to dinner out & about, and of course, on your yoga mat ~ your h"om" away from home.  And as Leonardo Da Vinci put it "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication."

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