Prairie Love

Just recently the Downtown Betty babes took a golden trip to the Prairie Love Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and well... we fell in Love with the Prairies... the forever skies, the big open fields, all the beautiful souls.

Dhoti Onsie in Thundercloud with the Sweet Crop in Fawn layered underneath Bandeau in Fawn layered with the Dhoti Onesie in Thunder Cloud

We all know it's inevitable that the seasons are going to change, and if you're anything Downtown Betty you're left feeling blue about leaving Summer behind. It just dawned on us that consumer life & 'back-to-school' rush makes us skip over one of the the juiciest, parts of Summer ~ where the Sun is just as ripe as August, but days are beginning to get shorter, so there's a bit of a crispness in the air as evening comes.  We've decided it deserves to be honoured in a different way... 

We were lucky enough to meet the lovely Ms Marisa Cline from Peg City Yoga & capture her in her Dhoti Onesie & Bandeau, perfect for catching that last the rays of Summer sun, soaking up that Vitamin D, throwing on your favourite cardigan, if it get's chilly, as it transitions into Fall...

Bandeau in Fawn Dhoti Onesie in Thundercloud

You are magic, own that shit

Bandeau in Fawn layered with the Dhoti Onesie in Thundercloud

Prairie Love Sunset

Find me where the wild things are.


Moto Crop Top and Wave Skirt in Fawn
Moto Crop Top in Fawn


We had to pinch ourselves to make sure we weren't dreaming, as we basked in the endless, golden tones as we walked through fields of wild flowers & bales of hay, being kissed by a magical sunset.  

 The beautiful Ms Kara Bezuko wears our Moto Crop Top and Wave Skirt in Fawn - with boots, it's the perfect early fall combination for those sunny days that turn into slightly chilly nights.


Motto Crop Top and Wave Skirt in FawnMoto Crop Top in Fawn paired with our Wave Skirt in Fawn

Inspired by the golden fields of wheat, low lying shrubs with subtle earthy hues, and the forever blue skies with puffy clouds, this Thunder Cloud & Fawn colour combo perfectly reflected our Prairie Love surroundings of Birds Hill National Park.

Motto Crop Top and Wave Skirt in Fawn

Motto Crop and Wave Skirt in FawnMoto Crop Top and Wave Skirt in Fawn

Motto Crop Top and Wave Skirt in Fawn

Motto Crop Top and Wave Skirt in Fawn

We know dressing for this transitional season can be tough, (mainly because of the letting go of Summer part) but  here are some #OOTD ideas from Downtown Betty to capture the Sun while it's still here.  Start with a stylish, minimal base & be able to layer up quickly when it goes!

Ultra Tank Dress and Bell Bottow Pants in Fawn
Ultra Tank Dress and Boho Bell Bottom in Fawn

Fringed Bandeau and Wave Skirt in FawnFringed Bandeau paired with our Wave Skirt both in Fawn

We would also like to thank all of the Prairie Love Festival Folks who bought DOGGESS Tanks & Caps. With our DOGGESS sales, we raised a total of $155 that we sent directly to our Acitve Dog Rescue Community in Batu Bolong Beach in Canggu, Bali.

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