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Weekend Getaways are the perfect adventure to get your mini vacation vibes flowing. Whether it's the cabin on a lake, a beach hut in the tropics, it's a time to pull out all stops & have all your favourite things in one place.  Downtown Betty has perfected the summer getaway bag, keeping it minimal without missing any of the essentials.

Sweet Tank, Sweet Crop & B.r.i.z.a. Shorts
Whether you're just waking up or going to bed, Bicycle by Downtown Betty totally gets what you need. The fabrics we use are so #cozycomfysexy ~ day or night, it's hard to take them off.  The same pieces that we love to wear to work, or yoga; we find ourselves sleeping & waking up in.

Sweet Tank & B.r.i.z.a. Shorts
Sweet Tank + Briza Tassel Tie Shorts in Pink Zebra

Sweet Crop & B.r.i.z.a. Shorts
Sweet Crop + Briza Tassel Tie Shorts in Caravan Print

Sweet Crop

It was clear to us that our Downtown Betty babes couldn't just have one option so we took our Sweet Tank and cropped it! The result, sexy, comfy, and fun!

Sweet Tank

With the Sweet Tank you'll feel invincible preforming any daily activity, whether you're preforming a headstand in yoga, or simply out for a lunch date with your girls, it is the perfect go-to.

Let your third eye do some inward travelling while you get your beauty rest, this soft natural fiber eyemask is great for that well deserved goodnight rest.

B.r.i.z.a. Shorts
The Briza Shorts are everything you need to add a little texture to your wardrobe, with its front tassel tie with overlapping side panels it's unique print sure adds for a cheeky look.


Bicycle R.e.c.l.a.i.m.e.d makes for perfect #travelwear. The pieces are light, packable, mix well with Bicycle by Downtown Betty, N A K E D  B I K I N I S & all your other favourites. 
It's effortless #casualglamour.

Sunthrough Bikini Brunch

L.a. V.i.d.a. G.i.t.a.n.a. Kimono
. . .this lightweight kimono with all over crochet trim & handmade tassels is the perfect topper for the gypsy beach life :)

Sun-Through Bandeau
. . . a bandeau top with removable straps for when you have to cover up but don't want those pesky tan lines ~ mesh to let the sun shine through, not see-through ;)

Mesh Tie Bottoms
. . . adjustable bikini bottoms with just enough coverage ~ enjoy the sun with less tan lines ;)

Pink Zebra Kimono
Bicycle Reclaimed La Vida Gitana Kimono in Pink Zebra

White Lace Bikini
Femke Herygers in N A K E D B I K I N I S White Lace Bandeau + White Lace Tie Bottoms

Suntrhough Bandeau La Vida Gitana Kimono
N A K E D B I K I N I S Sun-Through Mesh Bandeau + Mesh Tie Bottoms

"Stay close to people
who feel like sunlight."
~ Anonymous

White Lace Bikini & Fringe Triangle Bikini

Downtown Betty has started it's very own bikini line, NAKED BIKINIS, where less tan lines is more. The pieces work well with your natural curves & the colour pallet is the perfect match to life as we love it.

White Lace Bandeau
N A K E D B I K I N I S White Lace Bandeau + White Lace Tie Bottoms

A classic triangle top with fringe detailing but for double the fun ~ this top can be worn two ways, so the fringe goes up top, or worn down below

. . . these elasticband-free thong bikini bottoms let you embrace your inner nearly nudist & set your tan lines free ;)

Our White Lace Bandeau will seriously be your next must have beach accessory. With its center coconut ring and removable straps you'll never have to worry about about those eye catching tan lines again.

Enhance your beautiful tan with our White Lace Tie Bottoms, the beachy and chic and give you the option adjust the length allowing for maximum and or minimal beach coverage!
Cowry seashell necklace set in a detailed sterling silver casing, with a 18" sterling silver chain.  A small token of our love for the Ocean found along our Bicycle path in Bali, Indonesia.

Fringe Triangle Top & Solid G-String
Laurine Meyers in N A K E D B I K I N I S Fringe Triangle Top + Solid G-String in Portobello


 Where ever you go on your
weekend getaway, enjoy yourselves ~ with you & your Thelma to your Louise.

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Many Thanks to:
Models: Femke Herygers and Laurine Meyers
Photographer & Stylist: Katie Quinn of Downtown Betty

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