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BALI Pet Crusaders is a Mobile Sterilization Unit with a traveling team of Vets & assistants, that Spay & Neuter Street Dogs (and Cats) of Bali 5 days a week, 50 weeks of the year.  They work with locals, expats & other Dog Resucers to help with population control of our favourite friends, by doing on the spot Spay & Neuter Clinics in both rural & remote settings, and it busy city hubs.

Did you know that you can save 67,000 dogs from being born into suffering by spaying just one female dog, (and 370,000 cats by spaying a female cat) Yes! 1 unspayed female dog can lead to a staggering 67,000 dogs being born into this world in just 6 years?!?  And by neutering a male dog, you can end endless & needless dog fights, in which they will fight to no end for days at a time, despite bloody battles with other male dogs, go without food or water, just for a chance to mate with a female in heat. Male dogs with run for miles to following the scent of a female in prime condition for making puppies, on average, 6 puppies per litter, every 6 months from the age of just 7 or 8 moths on.  It can feel endless & at this rate!  This is both exhausting & malnourishing for her damaging her health, and she is barely over one litter of pups before she can be pregnant again!  Not to mention, that this kind of breeding left unchecked can also cause  STD's, that lead to sexually transmitted cancers. Dogs & cats can both live healthier & happier lives, once they have been fixed.

Add increments of $150 to your cart ~ This pays for the procedure of 5 animals.  Every bit helps. Thank you!!

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