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Batu Bolong Beach Dogs | DONATE $75

Batu Bolong Beach is in the heart of both the original DOGGESS Foundation, and of a very popular & very busy surf spot & Temple in Canggu, Bali.  Filled with surfers, scooters, restaurants & bars, tourists & locals & quite a few street dogs, this is where Jane & Katie met over a batch of sweet pups & their starving & abandoned mama dog.  There are a few established packs that live in the parking lot, along with a pretty constant stream of dumped puppies (mostly due to the fact that locals knowingly drop litters of pups, knowing that the group of women who feed the carpark packs, will take care of them) plus strays that roam the beaches.  

In an effort to keep the population healthy, we feed, spay & neuter, de-tick, vaccinate & medicate sick or new dogs as needed.  And as often as we can, find homes for these dogs via a network of good people with a lot of diligent work & communication with both locals & expats.  Bali is a tough one bc as cute as the dogs are, it is technically illegal to export the pups to places that could help with the over-population.  It is our aim that we can teach by example & educate with love & compassion in action.

Give from the heart to help these dogs in need. Every bit helps. Add increments of $75 to your cart. Thank you!!

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