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KK Pit Bull Rescues in Bali | DONATE $100


Karin Karner has become known as the Pit Bull Dog Rescuer in Bali.  Often times Pit Bulls & other big breed dogs are seen as a western breed to have, but in reality they are being mistreated, left in cages, or on chains, being fed barely enough to survive. This means that Karin has often times between 10 - 15 dogs, (sometimes up to 20) in her own home until she can find fosters or otherwise.  And if she is overflowing, she will arrange for these dogs to get into kennels, either @ the Vets, or others around Bali, where they are safe & off of the street, until she thins out the pack in her house to be able to take more dogs in!

Karin has a nose for it. She has worked with Pitbulls for over 20 years and they somehow find her, and/or she finds them, takes them into her home & rehabilitates these babes back into healthy happy loving pups.  On her way to the big breeds, she often finds other abandon pups & dogs in desparate need of intervention, and she doesn't have the heart to leave them in need. She feeds them, finds foster homes & eventually furever homes.  A labour of love, for sure.

Every bit helps. Add increments of $100 to your cart. Thank you!!

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