Geranium. My latest colour obsession.

As you may or may not know, colour moves me.  It brings me to life in ways I cannot express. As a designer the colours I choose end up all around me for months in my little zen studio & even longer on my body, as they become the clothes I wear.  My collections teacher in fashion design school gave me very wise words when she said "you had better love the fabrics you choose" because you will be staring at, cutting, touching, draping & surrounding yourself with these fabrics.  I am happy to say I am only more in love with this colour each day.  And it pairs so well with my other recent #peachobsession Peaches & Cream.  

Together they remind me of the best part of a sunset... a name I almost chose for both.  But ironically it din't feel right to leave one out of the equation of a sunset.  So I came up with #Geranium for this beautiful, radiant part of sunset, as this flower is one other thing in our natural landscape that maintains an almost neon quality.  I like to use the term #softneon as it is wonderfully both gentle & strong.

I am so happy I found the both of these colours to add to the rest of the Bicycle by Downtown Betty colour story, a modern earthy pallet for the adventurist at heart.  I feel complete in the Sunset scenery now ;)

Wind Farm @ Sunset, screenshot fr documentary Not Business as Usua
Downtown Betty rocking her latest colour obsession: Peaches & Cream w/ Geranium & keeping cozy on the beaches of La Ventana, Mexico.

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