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Designing this clothing line is one of my greatest pleasures on this planet, so when I get to see photos of the beautiful Downtown Betty Tribe out this big beautiful world wearing their Bicycle, it's like I'm there for that split second, smelling the air, hearing the sounds of the birds, the waves lapping the shore, the wind passing through the trees, feeling the breeze in my hair, and the sunshine on my face.  
     Whether it is a place I have traveled to, only imagined, or never even heard of, I always appreciate another's experience ~ what their eyes saw & where their two feet lead them.  Watching the Bicycle label travel the world with the Tribe, doing all of the cool things they are doing, brings about a great sense of accomplishment.  If I can cloth the tribe, and they can live their dreams, then I feel like I am a tiny part of making this world a better
place, one piece of clothing at a time.
     So wherever in the world your heart is called, send us your photos, let us live vicariously through the joys of your travels. 

Cover- Kevin Naidoo of Kevin Naidoo Yoga in Thailand
Right- Alyx Kottmeier of Gypsalove & Hipptrip Travel in Goa, India

"It's a big world out there, and it would be a shame not to experience it."
~ JD Andrews

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