Downtown Betty ~ An Underwear Affair

As a ray of light streams through a tiny crack of the Savasana Mask,
the world around you slowly takes shape.  Your mind awakens
and signals your body to reconnect to spirit of the earth. 

No different than Bicycle by Downtown Betty clothing,
in the soft natural fibers, our Underwear will hug you in all the right places,
and leave you free in all the rest ;)

Downtown Betty ~ Savasana Mask

  When you start out with this freedom as the base for everything you do in a day,
you can be sure to tackle the world with the same ease.

Breath in ~ Breathe Out ~ Repeat



....for a little pop of colour, or some no-strings attached support, this tiny bit of fabric goes a long way ;)

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Yoga Thong elasticband-free g-string, made from the same soft natural fiber fabric of, that feels like you're wearing a feather ;)

Downtown Betty ~ Yoga Thong

Savasana Mask

. . .Let your third eye do some inward traveling while you get your beauty rest. This soft natural fiber eyemask is great for yoga class, or on airplanes.  Good for life in general, for the wandering gypsy ;-)

Downtown Betty ~ Savasana Mask 

Life.  From the bedroom, to the studio, to out on the streets,
let your underwear be the beginning of Cozy, Comfy, Sexy,
only you know is there ;)

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