January 27, 2017


Cozy, Comfy, Sexy in Winter Wonderland

With the weather being beyond Vancouver chilly this winter, we got excited to play in some not so regular snow.  We were lucky enough to be invited on a Mount Washington weekend cabin trip with Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer, Cade Stewart to have some fun in the snow.
We thought it would be fun to see how some of our new favourites would stand up to the frosty temperatures, to stay 'Cozy, Comfy, Sexy' with Bicycle by Downtown Betty.

Sweet Tank
...the perfect bra-less tank that works for standing up, or standing on your head ;)

Riding Pants
..these fast leggings are extra long & sleek, with a knee pad for a king pigeon pose or riding high ~ vrrm vrrm ;)



We lose ourselves in the things we love.
We find ourselves too.
~ Kristin Martz

Toque, Eh?
...a lightweight, unisexy cap worn scrunched, or with a classic fold, this hat under your snowboard / bike helmet, for running, or everyday ;-)  

Dhoti Onesie
...a baggy tank top silhouette + a roomy drop-crotch bottom ~
together, a onesie! ~ the perfect companion for easy-going days ;)

Bicycle by Downtown Betty Dhoti Onesie with Toque, Eh?


 “To enjoy bodily warmth, some small part of you must be cold, for there is no quality in this world that is not what it is merely by contrast. Nothing exists in itself." ~Herman Mellvile (Moby Dick)

Boho Bell Bottoms
...high-waisted bell bottoms perfect for rocking out in yoga, or showing off your flare at a music festival.

Longsleeve Stable Dress
...a sleek, longsleeve dress that comes below the knees, tantalizing with boots for a cozy, comfy, sexy day.

 Longsleeve Stable Layered under sweater with horse

Favourite plaid flannel shirts, cardigans, sweaters & scarves, come & go, but our base layers are always Bicycle Downtown Betty, right down to our underwear.  It depends on the weather, how much further than that, we go.  Layering is always our best friend, so you can find your perfect temperature in any season.  It's like the blank canvas with which to start the masterpiece of your outfit of the day!
 #cozycomfysexy #layers #ootd

Downtown Betty ~ Pinterest

Many thanks to:
 Photographer: Cade Stewart
Model: Savanna Hinkee
Stylist: Liv Stewart + Downtown Betty

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