Natural Fiber Athletics to Everyday Wear ~ Detox Your Wardrobe


Natural Fiber Athletics 
Detox your Wardrobe

Downtown Betty has been Doing it Naturally since 2009,
and we're so happy you’re right here with us! 

We invite you to detox your wardrobe, by welcoming the goodness of natural fiber athletic wear, that can easily be worn as workout wear, work-from-home wear, to everyday wear, or worn to dinner out on the town.  Multi-purposed clothing, while waving goodbye to landfill-clogging plastics.

Wardrobe Detox, baby!

And while we can’t all transform our entire closets overnight (let’s be real),
we can make daily choices that feel much, much better—
for your comfort, for your skin & for the planet.

Natural Fiber Clothing Cotton Yoga Leggings

Biodegradable Natural Fiber Fabrics

We pride ourselves on keeping our clothing as natural as we possibly can. Each garment is made with 95% cotton (organic where we can) & just enough Lycra (5%) to ensure comfort during yoga, exercise and long wear times.
That’s why Downtown Betty is soooo comfortable to wear. 

Unfortunately, most other athletic apparel is made from all synthetics. Synthetic apparel also relies on the petrochemical industries for raw material, meaning these (plastic) fashion industry staples are dependent on fossil fuel extraction. Yuck!
Not only are natural fibers kinder on the planet, they’re kinder on your skin. Your skin can breathe through cotton, which is especially important when sweating while exercising, or extended wear. Cotton transmits moisture away from your skin, like a towel, and is also naturally hypoallergenic. 

This means it doesn't irritate the skin. Ideal for those with skin allergies, and for those that prefer a comfier, more natural fabric feel. We think that's a big win!

 Bicycle the Label Fabrics | 95% Cotton + 5% Lycra

Because every piece of natural fiber clothing makes a big difference. 
Did you know cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to decompose? In the right compost, the material should be gone in less than six months. That’s a tiny fraction compared to synthetic fabrics like spandex, polyester and nylon—
which can take 20 to 200 years to decompose.

natural fiber clothing 95% biodegradable clothing

“What you do makes a difference,
and you have to decide what kind of
difference you want to make”
~ Jane Goodall


Whether you’re just starting your journey with natural fabrics or looking for that special piece, we’re here to support you!


Meet Our 
Natural Fiber Athletics Collection:

natural fiber clothing cotton leggings

Check out our beloved  95 Leggings! We call these beauties The 95's because they are made with 95% less plastic than most other athletic apparel out there.

The fabric is 95% cotton + 5% Lycra, so they move and groove with you during yoga, breaking a sweat working out, out & about town, or just lounging around the house. 

The 95 Leggings | features & benefits

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
"Instantly my new favourite leggings. They’re so comfortable, I almost feel guilty wearing them out of the house. But they look so good, they can easily be dressed up—without the sporty spandex look.

I also love how high-waisted they are! And how long they are. Perfect for yoga!
Yup, I’m a fan." 

~ Official Customer Review ~

These leggings are loved so much and we thought you would love them too!
Natural Fiber Athletics | City Slicker Crop Top + 95 Bike Shorts
Sweet Crop + The 95 Leggings

How long clothes for decompose in the landfill | Infinity Leggings + High Crop Top
High Crop + The 95 Leggings 
City Slicker Crop Top + 95 Bike Shorts
City Slicker Crop Top +  95 Bike Shorts
Natural Fiber Athletics | City Slicker Crop Top + 96 Leggings + Sweet Crop
City Slicker Crop Top + The 95 Leggings  |  The 95 Leggings + Sweet Crop

SHOP Men's Natural Fiber Athletics | Cotton men's workout wear
Men's Scoop Neck T + Men's Sleeveless T + Men's Hipster Shorts 


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Live brightly, tread lightly.
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