DTB x Good Juju + Plastic Free Summer

Plastic-Free SUMMER for LIFE 

As a Sustainable Fashion company,

everything we do is guided by what is best for the planet
– from our fabric, to our packaging, to our shipping materials We want to encourage low-waste living ALL. YEAR. ROUND.

So, we’ve added a few products that we love & we think you will too!

We started carrying Good Juju Laundry Strips, because they, like us,
believe in pursuing a plastic-free life's much as we can, for the love of Mother Earth. Aside from usually containing toxic chemicals, did you know that liquid detergents are 90% water?

With their concentrated laundry strips, you can skip the wasteful plastic detergent bottle + lower emissions that come from transporting the heavy bottles of liquid.

This added to Bicycle by Downtown Betty's 95% less plastic cotton fabrics means you are also not shedding micro-plastics into our waterways. Meaning you're using 95% less plastic in your laundry routine too.

Good Juju Laundry Detergent

Also...we’ve upped our hangtag game! All our hangtags are now 100% compostable. Made of 30% hemp + 70% recycled paper, as well as cotton string AND now cotton vellum product tags, too.

Downtown Betty's Low Waste Initiative
continues to use almost all of our fabric scraps to create our Zero Waste Collection. Turning scrap fabric into sought-after pieces like our underwear: Yoga Thongs & Sweet Crops, Savasana Eye Masks, Bindu Headbands, Scrunchies, Bandeaus, we’re keeping sustainability at the core of our brand.

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Live brightly, tread lightly.
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